Trifecta Lift




Different regulation from state to state makes life difficult at best for transport operators and even more so when road works or other things cause changes to project planning. That’s why in this case Biglift Cranes came to the rescue of HHA who were forced to change Platform trailers for the descent down Cunninghams Pass. Biglift where engaged to assist by lifting the 145T vessel off one platform and hold the load for the replacement platform to receive it. The task was simple, however the lift featuring 3 of Biglifts Liebherr All-Terrian cranes (100t, 130 and 250t) was very in depth and required careful consideration to the vessels centre of gravity and the load factoring for a multi-crane lift. Dave Hopper our Heavy Lift Manager calculated the sharing of the load and the setup of each crane to ensure all 3 operated within the design of the lift plan.

The following weights were achieved on each crane – 250t resulted in 78t hook weight, the 130t had 38t on the hook and the 100t had 29t on the hook. All cranes capacities at their given radius would have exceeded these known masses as required by the Australia Standards and as required for such lifts which are deemed “Critical Lifts” due to the many factors that are in play with 3 cranes working together.

Well done to Biglift Cranes for an outstandingly SAFE job.



With the Platform removed the strength of the 3 Biglift cranes was exceptional and the replacement platform was posiitioned to accept its new cargo for the trip into QLD.


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