Crane Equipment and charts

  • 130T Leibherr
  • 100T Leibherr
  • 55T Leibherr
  • 25T Franna TEREX
  • 20T Franna TEREX

Biglift Cranes is the one-stop heavy lifting and transport solution shop. Our development team, communication systems and project planning team deliver reliable, safe, and trouble-free results.

We understand the importance of planning a job to allow for variation, and we always work with the clients’ specifications to achieve the desired outcome. At Biglift Cranes, we know that clients expect flexibility and personalised service.

Liebherr LTM1130-5.1, 130 Tonne Crane

Liebherr LTM1100-5.2,100 Tonne Crane

Liebherr LTM1055-3.2 55 Tonne Crane

Franna Cranes

Terex Franna MAC25, 25 Tonne Mobile Crane

Terex Franna AT-20, 20 Tonne Mobile Crane