Calculated Angles

Liebherr LTM1130-5.1

The Flash – 130t class.

Challenging but not impossible. The steep incline was complicated by tight conditions in a built up suburban street. While this looks like a delicate balancing act the whole process is computer calculated and monitored to ensure safety throughout the entire lift. This is why we invest in the best equipment available.

Biglift on the Stage

Liebherr LTM1130-5.1

The Flash – 130t class.

From time to time Biglift Cranes works in conjunction with our partner companies when workloads increase beyond capacity, we always go further to ensure our client just need to make one call to Biglift and we will manage the whole project. Here you see the new stage going in Brisbane for the Foo Fighters

Trifecta Lift




Different regulation from state to state makes life difficult at best for transport operators and even more so when road works or other things cause changes to project planning. That’s why in this case Biglift Cranes came to the rescue of HHA who were forced to change Platform trailers for the descent down Cunninghams Pass. Biglift where engaged to assist by lifting the 145T vessel off one platform and hold the load for the replacement platform to receive it. The task was simple, however the lift featuring 3 of Biglifts Liebherr All-Terrian cranes (100t, 130 and 250t) was very in depth and required careful consideration to the vessels centre of gravity and the load factoring for a multi-crane lift. Dave Hopper our Heavy Lift Manager calculated the sharing of the load and the setup of each crane to ensure all 3 operated within the design of the lift plan.

The following weights were achieved on each crane – 250t resulted in 78t hook weight, the 130t had 38t on the hook and the 100t had 29t on the hook. All cranes capacities at their given radius would have exceeded these known masses as required by the Australia Standards and as required for such lifts which are deemed “Critical Lifts” due to the many factors that are in play with 3 cranes working together.

Well done to Biglift Cranes for an outstandingly SAFE job.



With the Platform removed the strength of the 3 Biglift cranes was exceptional and the replacement platform was posiitioned to accept its new cargo for the trip into QLD.


The Big Chief


As the largest crane in our fleet this particular unit had to be named the The Big Chief and sports the famous HHA colours matching our Larapinta office design and having 2 trucks named after it, the first is the famous Western Star “The Lone Ranger” the private truck of the HHA Owner and The Scout which of course is the chiefs horse and dedicated counterweight truck to the crane division. The chief has a 72mtr main boom with an additional 22mtr of swing away jig and is a specialist crane suited to tower crane erection or heavy assembly work. This large unit sports a Liebherr V8 612HP Turbo Diesel engine with an Automatic transmission with 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears it makes even our truckers envious, coupled with a dedicated Liebherr 4cyl 245HP turbo engine to run the hydraulics up stairs The Big Chief has the grunt to get the job done. Travelling down the road The Big Chief is 25mtr long and runs on 6 axles with a trailing dolly with 3 axles – yes that’s 9 axle in total it no wonder it has 612HP up front!

Our Capability

Biglift Cranes and Heavy Haulage offer a seamless crane and transport service with an experienced management team overseeing the activities of the business.

The high standard of safety and quality has seen our Muswellbrook facility develop into a premier crane and transport service for the construction and resources industry. Our operations create a total heavy lift and haul service with extraordinary reach and massive capacity.

Our network extends along the entire east coast with major facilities purpose built at Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales.

Our Trip to Eromanga

Biglift Goes to Eromanga!

Throughout September and October Biglift’s 100 Tonne crane ‘Judge Dread’ has been keeping busy assembling an oil rig far west of Queensland in the small town of Eromanga.

The boys spent long hours in sometimes over 40 degree heat.

They worked hard, smart and safe, and for these reasons and more we are very proud of them all.


Nothing too Heavy

Liebherr LTM1250-6.1

The Big Chief – 250t class.

In the mining industry which Biglift Cranes specialises in our Liebherr LTM1250-6.1 250t crane called The Big Chief was summoned to load a Komatsu D475 Dozer bound for another Australian mine site. The Big Chief was dressed with 85t of counterweight to ensure stability and safety was within the cranes capabilities, note the outriggers all have outrigger pads to further help in the safe operation of this lift. Not only is the crane worth many millions of dollars but the loads also are worth large sums of money so no short cuts here.


Quality in the Building

Local Company – Global Knowledge (HUNTER VALLEY NEWS JULY 6 2011)

Solid, level foundations are important in a building and in a business.Robert Hall was five years old when he started concreting and building with his own father, and he hopes he can still be calf-deep in wet concrete when he’s 80 years old.

If he does retire, his son Adam, a carpenter joiner who has worked with him full-time since leaving Muswellbrook High at 16, will take on running the company.

“Mate, I’m ready for it but I still like being on the job,” Adam said.“You’re doing some- thing different every day and it’s great to be in the open air.

Leap frogging buildings

Liebherr LTM1250-6.1

The Big Chief – 250t class.

Early in June the team from Biglift Cranes Larapinta in QLD headed out in the wee hours to raise a 6 tonne custom built shed from the rear of private residence in Mt Warren Park. Such lifts are part and parcel of the wide range of works we encounter every day, these lifts are for many too difficult and in some cases too hard, at Biglift Cranes we rise to the challenge and are happy to consult with all parties to ensure the job gains momentum and that all angles are covered. These lifts require planning weeks prior with street permits, traffic control, escorts and a whole range of auxiliary staff to be managed who assist with all the unforseen things that always pop up sometimes.