Our Trip to Eromanga

Biglift Goes to Eromanga!

Throughout September and October Biglift’s 100 Tonne crane ‘Judge Dread’ has been keeping busy assembling an oil rig far west of Queensland in the small town of Eromanga.

The boys spent long hours in sometimes over 40 degree heat.

They worked hard, smart and safe, and for these reasons and more we are very proud of them all.


Nothing too Heavy

Liebherr LTM1250-6.1

The Big Chief – 250t class.

In the mining industry which Biglift Cranes specialises in our Liebherr LTM1250-6.1 250t crane called The Big Chief was summoned to load a Komatsu D475 Dozer bound for another Australian mine site. The Big Chief was dressed with 85t of counterweight to ensure stability and safety was within the cranes capabilities, note the outriggers all have outrigger pads to further help in the safe operation of this lift. Not only is the crane worth many millions of dollars but the loads also are worth large sums of money so no short cuts here.


Quality in the Building

Local Company – Global Knowledge (HUNTER VALLEY NEWS JULY 6 2011)

Solid, level foundations are important in a building and in a business.Robert Hall was five years old when he started concreting and building with his own father, and he hopes he can still be calf-deep in wet concrete when he’s 80 years old.

If he does retire, his son Adam, a carpenter joiner who has worked with him full-time since leaving Muswellbrook High at 16, will take on running the company.

“Mate, I’m ready for it but I still like being on the job,” Adam said.“You’re doing some- thing different every day and it’s great to be in the open air.

Leap frogging buildings

Liebherr LTM1250-6.1

The Big Chief – 250t class.

Early in June the team from Biglift Cranes Larapinta in QLD headed out in the wee hours to raise a 6 tonne custom built shed from the rear of private residence in Mt Warren Park. Such lifts are part and parcel of the wide range of works we encounter every day, these lifts are for many too difficult and in some cases too hard, at Biglift Cranes we rise to the challenge and are happy to consult with all parties to ensure the job gains momentum and that all angles are covered. These lifts require planning weeks prior with street permits, traffic control, escorts and a whole range of auxiliary staff to be managed who assist with all the unforseen things that always pop up sometimes.